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We usually have the luxury of planning ahead for life’s expected events. Sometimes, after a sudden illness or accident, we find ourselves in a legal crisis. Whether you are planning ahead for the security of your family, are experiencing a health issue, or dealing with the recent loss of a loved one, The Fay Law Offices can help you address your legal needs. We are here to assist you and your family navigate the complexities of estate planning and settlement.

Experience can make all the difference when you are facing unexpected challenges or have lost a loved one. Our philosophy is that each client’s circumstances are deserving of individualized attention and dedicated personal service, regardless of whether the planning involves the creation of a complex estate plan, or is limited to the execution of a single document.
Due to the nature of our practice, we often encounter people when they are facing complex and difficult decisions involving a subject area that is new to them. Having seasoned counsel by your side is not only comforting, but essential to long term financial and legal stability. We take the time to gain a thorough understanding of your circumstances, belief system, and goals. Our comprehensive and compassionate approach, backed by the experience and integrity of seasoned counsel, is the foundation of our legal practice. We will explain complex legal issues in plain language to help you make informed choices, manage a crisis, or settle a loved one's affairs. 

Whether you are planning for a spouse or family member with a serious illness, have experienced a recent loss, or are just starting to consider your estate planning needs, The Fay Law Offices will help you accomplish your goals, and meet your legal needs. If visiting our office is not possible due to an illness or physical limitations, appointments can be made at your home or healthcare facility. Please contact us for an initial consultation.
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