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Our focus is providing comprehensive estate planning and estate settlement solutions to individuals and families in a friendly and affordable way. Although fear is not the best motivation to create an estate plan, it is important to consider the risks to the financial and legal stability of our loved ones that can arise without proper advance planning. 

An accident or illness resulting in the loss of the legal capacity to make financial or medical decisions could make it necessary for a family member to file a guardianship proceeding. A guardianship proceeding is a costly court intervention into private family matters. Guardianship proceedings can be avoided with proper planning. 

If at the time of your death, you own real estate or other substantial assets in your name alone, your family will be required to institute a costly Probate proceeding to transfer your assets to their intended recipients. Probate can be avoided with a properly implemented estate plan. 
Lack of clear written instructions detailing how your assets should be distributed at your death could result in unnecessary disagreements among family members. Preventable family squabbles can be eliminated with proper planning. 

Dying without a Will could result in family members other than those you would choose receiving assets from your estate. Unintended consequences can be avoided with a properly designed and implemented estate plan. 

Failure to take advantage of existing estate tax laws could result in avoidable estate tax liabilities. Estate taxes can be reduced or eliminated with a properly designed and implemented estate plan.

Estate taxes, income taxes, disability, death, and financial mismanagement are the most common risks to the legal and financial stability of families. These risks can be alleviated through comprehensive estate and financial planning. To find out more about these and other common estate planning issues, please contact us.
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